The Showcase Magazine - Salutes

By Jessica Sorentino

As of May, Green Brook became home to the best wellness and relaxation center around town. La Bella Vita, a brand new family business has opened up a 5,120-square foot space that holds a variety of health and well-being therapies and treatments.

In this day and age, many people are so stressed out and anxiety ridden. People have more on their plates than in years’ past, and feelings of pressure and being overwhelmed are sadly the norm. And on the other hand, people are also more in-tuned to their bodies and have a stronger interest in holistic wellness and ways to stay connected.

La Bella Vita is not only offering you ways to decompress and stay well in a controlled environment, but they’re the only place you can choose from all of these services at one convenient location.

The owners of the center described the services that are offered at La Bella Vita. They include floatation pods, Whole Body Cryo Chamber, Local and Cryo Facial sessions, Infrared Detox Sauna Pod, Skin Hydration Pod, Light Therapy, Oxygen/Aromatherapy station, Infrared Body Slim Wrap, Lymphatic Drainage Body Wrap, Foot Detox Bath and the “PERK” Facial System.

To break down a few services, La Bella Vita has two floatation pods in which clients float effortlessly in about 10 inches of salt water for about an hour. There are 800 pounds of salt in the water per pod! This type of therapy is mostly used for distressing body. Many people use it for sleep and creativity purposes, since the mind has nothing to do but relax while in the pod. While you float, you can be in complete darkness or have soft rays of light shine through, and you can choose whether or not you’d like to play music during your time in the flotation pod.

If you are an athlete or someone who has difficulty with slow recovery time, you may consider some time in the Whole Body Cryo Therapy Chamber. For the three minutes you’re inside, your body will endure negative 230-degrees Fahrenheit temperatures in order to gain results. This process has been reported to help lower inflammation, heal injuries, increase focus, improve sleep, encourage hair and nail growth and burn up to 800 calories per session. Localized Cryo therapy and Cryo facial is also available.

The “PERK” System Facial is a two-step, eye, lip or face (or all three!) service. The first step is a non-evasive skin exfoliation will cleanse first layer of skin and open up the pores. Next, a roller technology that vacuums skin and opens pores pushes a pre-determined amount of serum into the area you’re treating. Once that’s done, you’re given the rest of the serum to apply on your own each morning and evening for 28 days. The serum lasts a month because the service is recommended to be repeated monthly. If you have your eyes treated, you also receive under eye pads, peppermint lip balm for if your lips are treated and enough serum for you cheeks and forehead if you choose your face.

The rest of their services can be viewed on their website, listed below.

Along with the services, La Bella Vita is excited to also offer featured workshops on their monthly calendars. These will cover a range of services, such as Reiki and meditation.

The goal of the center is to help people build a community around taking care of themselves. Other events will include day or night movies, yoga and strolls around the park.

If you’re wondering if this center is right for you, it’s right for everyone. In their soft opening, La Bella Vita saw an even flow of both men and women, aging from mid-twenties to sixties. Anyone and everyone is welcome!

Their pricing ranges per service, but La Bella Vita also offers a variety of memberships, such as the Mix and Match Membership. There are different levels (how many you choose to buy), but the overall premise of the package is that you can try different services with one membership pack throughout the month, instead of buying separate packages per service.

Deeper – and more – information can be found on La Bella Vita’s website, From there, you can also read about the services, sign up for the newsletter and see upcoming events, as well as book sessions. Or, you can call the center at 732-200-5648. They are located at 119-131 Route 22 East in Green Brook, right next to the CVS and TD Bank.