The Showcase Magazine - Cover Artist

Janet Kruskramp’s painting, Christmas Bear is the cover artist of the Holiday Showcase Magazine.

Internationally recognized Janet Kruskamp is published and licensed worldwide by Bentley Licensing Group, and is renowned for her versatility and the ability to capture the essence of the many diverse subjects she creates. Janet's artistic talents surfaced very early in life. Her father once joked that she was born with crayons in one hand and a paint brush in the other! By the age of two Janet was already a prolific artist drawing such characters as the Planters' Peanut Man and many Disney characters.

"I always knew I was going to grow up to be an artist. There was never a period in my life when I didn’t know this, people are born with certain genes for certain talents and mine was for art, music and creative writing... the strongest attraction for me was art," says Janet.

Her love of finding beauty from the commonplace, everyday scenes or items prompted Ted Bredt, San Jose Mercury News art critic to write …” It is always refreshing to view the work of a competent artist such as Kruskamp, working in the Romantic Realist tradition. Refreshing because one doesn't need a degree in art history to understand it ---one needs only to be human.”

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