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Regina Mirra, a resident of Hunterdon County is a first-time author and has just released her first children’s book entitled “Share the Sky”. This book tells a story with an important purpose and message. The storyline is not just an entertaining tale for children but also a story that can help alleviate childhood anxieties (fear of storms, lighting, thunder, the dark) at a time when some young children struggle with these happenings. Share the Sky also reinforces

About the Author:

Children ask the toughest questions, don’t they? When Regina Mirra first told this tale, she was the mother of a young son who used to ask a lot of interesting and always tough questions. Some of her son’s questions (he was six years old at the time) stemmed from things he was confused about, feared, and didn’t understand. When he asked her a group of questions about the sun (why it can’t always be light out), the moon at night (he didn’t like the dark), stars, and gray loud clouds with lightning (thunderstorms), it prompted Regina to tell him a story that, as a very young child, he would welcome and accept (a scientific approach to these elements wouldn’t have worked on a child so young, but his anxiety was very real). So, she came up with the story line in Share the Sky to give him a perspective that obviously a child would relate to and be open to. Regina’s storytelling worked! The proof? During thunderstorms, her son repeated elements of the story with no fear, only a smile—success! The story got him through a few childhood fears a lot of children experience. Regina, an aspiring children’s book author, was a mom, who like all moms out there, wanted to help her child in a meaningful way right away. And that has resulted in Share the Sky. Share the Sky not only addresses childhood questions and fears in a way that a child can absorb and understand, it also offers the final endearing message of how to share. Regina is now sharing this story with you and your child and hopes this book will entertain and help many children everywhere.


Share the Sky can be purchased in hard cover, soft cover and electronic format on, Barnes&, as well as other major retailers (iTunes, eBooks, etc.).